About Me

Hi, I am an Information Technology engineer learning my trade in applying mathematical and data science techniques to solve challenging problems in the domain of finance.

The applications of analyzing data model behavior and use it to make decisions interest me. I am currently working on dynamic portfolio management using deep reinforcement learning techniques.


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Strategy Research & Backtesting Intern, Parekh Shares and Securities
Researched and studied low frequency algorithmic trading strategies based on technical indicators. Worked with the backtesting team to develop a multistep backtesting strategy.


Data Science Intern, University of Tor Vergata
Worked under Dr. Mauro De Sanctis to devise a methodology to analyze big datasets using Data Mining Algorithms under time constrained environment.


Trading & Equity Research Intern, Parekh Shares and Securities
Worked with equity research team and used technical analysis and candlestick charting techniques. Executed client trades and made recommendations to them based on the research.


Shop Floor Intern, Fabtech International Pvt Ltd.
Studied the designing, prototyping and assembly of Fluid Bed Processor, Closed Loop Granulizer and Single Pot Processor used in manufacturing of drugs.


Took my first steps towards a career in mathematics as I led a three member team to the second place in Infinity Research competition held by Bits Pilani. We worked on Godel's theorem and outlined its applications in the observable environment.

What I Do

Mathematical Modelling

I work with modeling continuous and discrete time processes and interest in modeling complex financial instruments like exotic derivatives products.

AI Solutions

I am interested in the domain of imparting cognitive intelligence to systems to optimise and enhance their functionality.

Data Analytics

I am skilled at applying sophisticated visualisations and advanced statistical tools to generate inferences for smarter decision making.


I have worked with designing processing pipelines and performing sentiment analysis for web articles.

Computer Vision

I have worked on problems like OCR,handwiring, object and face recognition and am capable to solving problems in this domain.

Web Design

I have worked on developing static and dynamic webpages both on the front and backend.




Adept at using STL, developing Object Oriented and Structured applications.



Proficient at performing data analytics and developing machine learning applications.



Capable of developing core Java applications, graphical interfaces and website backend functionalities.



Proficient at performing data analytics and developing machine learning applications.



Capable of performing simple and advanced queries, triggers, procedures, functions and query optimisations.



Capable of logical programming and working with the image processing, neural networks, fuzzy logic toolboxes.


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Awards Won




Hours of Work


Lines of Code


Application of Swarm Intelligence to Portfolio Optimization

Meta-heuristic Optimization Akhil 28 Sept, 2018

Compared the feasibility, convergence and robustness of popular meta-heuristic optimisation algorithms for the portfolio optimisation problem.

Data Augmentation using Generative models for Credit Card Fraud Detection.

GAN, Credit Card Fraud Akhil & Raj 15 Dec, 2018

Tackled the class imbalanced problem for credit card fraud detection. Compared and Implemented Generative Adversarial Network and its variations to improve classifier performance.


If you wish to brainstorm over ideas and collaborate on interesting projects to solve challenging problems, please get in touch with me. Also, I would love to work on projects in Finance and Artificial Intelligence.